When two people decide to separate or divorce, they may not consider the levels of detachment that will be caused by their decision, because becoming independent is the most important thing on their mind. But once reality sets in, they will need to consider how their divorce or separation is going to affect the many aspects of their life.

Not surprisingly, the emotional relationship between you and your spouse will be flipped upside down. You may feel as though you can’t even recognize the person you once married. While it’s understandable that you and your spouse will have differences and may not see eye-to-eye, it’s important to separate the emotional relationship you have with your spouse from the emotional relationship that you have with your children. Your children will want to maintain the same connection they had with both parents prior to your separation.

The financial relationships of your marriage will also be affected by a divorce. You and your spouse will most likely have to divide all of your financial property, which may include, but are not limited to, homes, cars, retirement plans, cash, stocks, tax refunds, frequent flyer miles, artwork, vacation pay, and loans. You will also need to prepare yourself for financial independence, or not to financially depend on your spouse, following a separation.

Your social relationships will also be affected. Like many couples, you and your spouse may have had a group of couples that you often socialized with. As a couple going through a divorce, your friends may feel as though they need to pick only one of you to remain friends with. Your spouse’s family members may feel as though they can’t maintain a relationship with you either.

The special and intimate relationship that you once had with your spouse is now over, and after some time has passed, both of you will hopefully move on to different intimate relationships with new partners. You and your spouse, as well as your children, should prepare yourselves for these potential new intimacies.

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