Divorce can be an ugly business, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some brutal truths about the reality of divorce:

1) 90 % of all divorce cases are settled outside of court. Divorce courts are more concerned about money, not morals.

2) Making financial decisions is possibly the most important job you have when getting a divorce. Just because you get it in writing, doesn’t mean you’ll get it for real.

The truth is you don’t want your divorce case to go to court. If your case goes to court, than your fate is in the judge’s hands, a complete stranger who knows nothing about your situation or property. The court only care about the welfare of children and resolving property disputes. It’s in your best interest to stay out of court, because then you have the advantage of negotiating, trading property, and most of all, having control over your future.

Financial reality and legal reality differ in a big way. It’s easier to write a law than it is to enforce it. In other words, if your spouse agrees to pay child support, what would you do if your spouse was constantly making late payments, or not paying at all? How would you pay for debt that accumulated during your marriage if your spouse refuses to come up with their part of the money? If you use reason instead of emotion when it comes to divorce, you will be better off financially in the future once your divorce has been completed.

If you’re considering divorce, and want to secure your financial future, you’ll want a skilled Phoenix divorce attorney. Call (480) 779-7972 and experienced divorce attorney, Timothy Durkin will help get you on the right path to a financially secure future.