Divorce is not a pleasant experience under any circumstances. At first, there is a period of disbelief and having to admit to yourself that your marriage is over. For me personally, the beginning of the end was the hardest to deal with. When I finally realized my marriage was over and I needed a competent legal team to look out for my interests and the interests of my children, attorney Tim Durkin and his team stepped up and went to work on my behalf.

From start to finish, Tim and everyone at JacksonWhite were awesome to deal with. Not only did Tim and the firm provide me with excellent legal services, but they were also compassionate, understanding and supportive of me and what I was going through. This was the worst experience of my life thus far and because of the basic humanity and human compassion of my legal team, it made it easier to deal with and move on with my life, post-marriage.

In the court room, I could not have picked more competent counsel. I prevailed in all proceedings and under the circumstances, my case was settled with a very favorable outcome! Tim and his team did an awesome job and I can’t thank them enough for not only providing me with outstanding legal representation, but also helping me get through a very difficult time on a personal level.”

– TM

I am so excited to have my kids as much as I requested – thanks to the Family Law team at JacksonWhite. Mr. Durkin is amazing!”

– KJ

It was a real pleasure working with Barbara and Tim.  I cannot thank them enough! I am so relieved to have the divorce over.”

– MP

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  I know that I hired your firm to help me with my divorce and that is what you do, however, you don’t know how much you have truly helped me in the past year.  The services I received at your firm were amazing and I truly appreciate it.  I am so relieved now that everything is finally settled legally.

– JV

Nothing in the world has more meaning to me than my daughter.

When I was faced with the possibility of losing her I was horrified with an onslaught of terrible thoughts.  What if I can’t make a meaningful, positive impact in her life?  What if I can’t help her make beautiful memories?  What if she never learns who I truly am?  What I miss out on a lifetime of memories upon which to look back with delight?

I knew I had a chance at avoiding this pain regardless of how I approached my divorce and custody battle.  But to just “take a chance” at being as involved as possible in my daughter’s life was not enough, it was awfully unsettling.  The thought of this uncertain future created a lack of sleep plagued by questions and terrible scenarios.

I knew I needed more than just “a chance”.  I will never regret my decision to hire Tim Durkin and his team.  Right away I knew I was working with someone who cared and who would walk with me through this unfortunate process.  I felt a calm after our first meeting.  I still had many moments of anxiety and uneasiness.  But now, when those uncertainties and questions arose, I had someone I could turn to.  The answers I received were not always what I wanted to hear but they were what I needed to hear.  They were an honest assessment and they were informative.  I received strong advice and I could decide on the best direction to proceed.

When the dust finally settled, I was tremendously pleased with the outcome.  As the primary caregiver to my daughter I know I can now have that constant and positive impact on her life.  I have since had the blessing of helping her get ready for kindergarten in the mornings and to read her stories in bed at the end of the day.  I get to say daily prayers with her.  I’ve gotten to help her learn how to ride her bike without training wheels, do fun crafts, and kitchen-based science experiments.  We’ve created positive habits and new traditions.  My heart is full of beautiful memories, many captured in photos that are in books on my coffee table.  Most of all, everyday I get to look into her eyes and tell her how much I love her and feel her sweet, 6 year old embrace.

For other situations I have used google to find an attorney.  I’ve considered not getting an attorney.  I’ve even weighed the cost.  But in regards to my daughter I hope you will do as I did and let Tim and his team help you.  I hope that you will recognize what is most important in your life and the magnitude of that priority.  Having Tim’s strong and compassionate team has made an impact in my life and my daughter’s life forever.  Words are not enough to express this sort of gratitude.  I will always be grateful for what they did for us.”

– CM

Thank you all, and especially you Mr. Durkin. We won because of you… and your team.”

– NA

JacksonWhite did a great job! I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of my case. The professionalism of Mr. Durkin and the rest of Jackson staff were second to none. The attention to detail and true concern they had for my personal issues made me feel very at ease and confident in my team. I am pleased to recommend this office to anyone who would need an attorney.”

– RR

I was referred to Jackson White from a friend after finding myself in a divorce situation that was not only emotionally draining but also physically dangerous. I was particularly worried because the legal council that my spouse chose for representation was known for not only being a very effective and expensive law firm, but one that many other firms feared.

Timothy and his legal staff were not intimidated even slightly and reassured me of how things were expected to go. I was impressed because they were very upfront and gave me very realistic expectations. I was equally impressed with Mr. Durkins ability to always “take the high road.” He and his staff are individuals of genuine integrity. In all honesty I could have just been satisfied with the level of attention that was given to my case. I could have just been satisfied with the prompt service that I received every day. I could have been satisfied with the fact that all my phone calls were returned in a timely manner. I could have been satisfied with the level of knowledge my legal team had and the fact that my case turned out to be an overwhelming success. I could have been satisfied with the fact that every time I called them I not only felt like I was talking to expert legal counsel, but close personal friends. Truth is I likely would have been satisfied with any one of these reasons alone. But I had the great fortune of experiencing all of these things. I will continue to recommend Tim Durkin and his family law team to all of my friend or family that have need of their legal counsel.”

– DJ

Tim, we just want to let you know how appreciative we are regarding the results you and your team achieved in our daughter’s case. We appreciate the professional and expeditious manner in which it was handled. The results met all of our expectations!”

– DM & H

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help in resolving our divorce. You and your staff were exceptional.”

– JF, Gilbert

I hired Tim Durkin with the law office of Jackson White in 2010 to handle my divorce case. Being this was my first time filing for a divorce, I really had no idea what to do or to expect.

After talking with Mr.Tim Durkin and his legal team, I felt like I was in good hands immediately. They explained everything in detail of how the process works, what to expect, and gave me reassurance everything would be okay. My divorce was handled in an efficient, timely matter and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Their office kept in contact with me regarding all matters and issues were handled promptly. Tim and any other staff members I encountered with their office were very professional and very courteous. I would recommend Mr. Durkin to any of my acquantances for their legal needs. Thank you again Tim and team for all your hard work.”

– JA

I took my case to Mr. Tim Durkin after trying unsuccessfully to resolve the matter with the help of another attorney.

The only direction we ever seemed to go was circular. It was a scary decision to change attorneys right before my court date, but I had one meeting with Mr. Durkin and what a difference! Mr. Durkin truly listened to my concerns. He laid out a plan and followed it; explaining every step of the way what was going on. He was able to quickly negotiate a settlement that helps me to move forward with my life and give my kids the stability they need while I get my life back on track. Mr. Durkin and his legal team were professional, caring and straightforward. In addition to the settlement, they made getting there as easy on me as possible. They did their work and took the stress off of me. The only thing I wish I had done differently…gone to Mr. Durkin in the first place.”

– KC

A friend of mine referred me to Jackson White where I met with Tim Durkin and his Paralegal Barbara. Taking his advice and calling Jackson White was the best decision I could have made.

At a time when I was in no shape to make decisions that would affect the rest of my life, Tim and Barbara stepped in and reassured me that everything would be fine. Their professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. They were there every step of the way and made sure I was doing things in my best interest. Having a competent legal team made all the difference in the world. The old saying that “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than it is with Tim and Barbara. I watched Tim debate with my wife’s legal team and it was obvious I had made the correct decision. Due to their expertise in Family Law I saved more in four months of spousal maintenance than it cost me to hire them not to mention I was able to split parenting time with my children. Not only do I consider them a fantastic legal team, I also consider them lifelong friends.”

– ET, Phoenix

I hired Tim Dirkin to handle my child support modification case. Tim and his paralegal did an excellent job! The results of the case exceeded my expectation. They did an excellent job of staying on top of all of the timely details. They always put me at ease with any question or concern I had. I highly recommend using Tim and his staff for any family law case.”

– MB

I unexpectedly found myself in a very bad and very scary situation. I didn’t know what to do or how to begin fixing everything. I happened to fall into the hands of Tim Durkin.I believe his staff and him were sent from heaven!! They immediately made me feel hopeful!

They started on my case before I even made it down to their office. I was amazed at how quickly they understood the whole situation. They worked so hard on my child relocation case! I felt like I was their only client because of the time and attention they spent on my case. They answered all my questions right away and kept me updated on everything right as it happened. They were so knowledgably and always gave me the best advice. They were also very gentle with my retainer. I never felt like they were overcharging me for anything.In fact, I felt like I owed them more. I could tell how much Tim and his team cared about me and my family. It felt like we became family. I know they wanted a good outcome just as badly as I did. It felt like it was impossible because of how complicated everything was. But, with Tim and staff’s knowledge, experience, hard work, and dedication we won our hearing! I was so happy and relieved!!! I don’t know what would have happened had I not found them. I know it was because of them that I was given my second chance to move on with my life and be happy! They were such a blessing to me! I will always be indebted to them! They are AMAZING!!! If I had a microphone I would shout it from the rooftops!”

– S

After finding out my 25 year marriage was coming to an end I am grateful I turned to Attorney, Tim Durkin, for legal advice. With Tim’s support and guidance and that of his paralegal, I felt well informed of my choices. I was pleasantly surprised to have things finalized so quickly and am now able to move forward. I would recommend anyone in my situation talk to JacksonWhite first!”

– SH

We are very thankful to have met with Tim, Barbara, and Terri. All of them treated us with dignity and empathy.

Tim listened to our story and expressed his commitment and passion for our case. He was very careful to explain things to us, so we could make intelligent decisions. Ours was a very difficult case with a terrible opposing attorney and an odd judge. The deck was stacked against us. After working closely with Tim and his staff, and a great amount of negotiating by Tim, it had a wonderful outcome. We thank God for them!”

– SK

I cannot say enough good about my experience with Mr. Durkin and his staff. I have referred friends and family to him. It is the best experience I have had with a law firm.

I have worked in the legal field and have had experiences in civil, criminal, and family law cases. That said, I did not get everything I had wanted after trial either. I was able to get a clear cut case presented that represented well my interests and that of my child. The things that were the most important, especially for my child were supported by the judge, but there were things that wound up more in the middle. I felt that the judge got the truth and was able to make a decision based on the facts and evidence. My case has been ongoing for nearly 12 years and this is the first time despite rulings in my favor that I was able to get attorney’s fees. Mr. Timothy Durkin has been a friend of my family for many years. I knew him when he was a law student and worked as a college teacher. I was impressed with his teaching skills yet when he began practicing family law I continued to use a different attorney. Through the years I have used multiple attorneys. There have been times I have been charged a great deal more and received much less service and times I have paid less but also received less service. The assistants at his firm are well educated and pay great attention to detail. I first decided to switch to Mr. Durkin’s law firm after I saw him at trial. This man is quick on his feet, he knows his information and he fights for his client. I was impressed with how he handled the opposing party. My current husband struggled with the cost of my case, but after seeing Mr. Durkin in action said he would have paid more, it was worth every penny.Prior to trial he is real with you. He prepares you for questions and for possible outcomes. I didn’t go into the situation with unrealistic expectations yet I was able to be hopeful about the things that were attainable. His experience in the court room gives you great insight. He is familiar with the judges and how they handle certain situations, he knows when you need an expert and when you can depend on your own evidence.One of the most useful things I experienced is the guidance from his legal assistant on how to handle correspondence with the opposing party. I feel that documents were prepared accurately, timely, and with the sensitivity that they needed.I will continue to use Mr. Durkin on my current case and would happily use him and his staff in the future if needed for any other family law matter. I highly recommend him!”

– SR

Dear Tim, Barbara, Terri, Thank you for the GREAT email today! You’ve placed a smile on my face, combined with a sigh of relief. This chapter, trial, or whatever you want to call it, is now closed.

As sad as the end of marriage is, this is a sign that I can begin to rebuild and hope a new, great plan reveals itself. I am certain that there will be challenges to come, but this process has taught me that I do matter, I have a voice, I am strong and can stand up for myself, while trying to maintain some integrity to myself and others. I have learned so much. I am forever grateful for your expertise, kindness, and compassion during such a rough period in my life. Thank you for giving me a new life from this day forward. Take great care of you all!”

– T, Mesa

I was fortunate enough to meet a member of Jackson White’s staff at a luncheon prior to needing their services.

I explained my child custody situation with the member who worked in their Long-Term Care area and expressed that I had many questions regarding my rights as a father and needed direction. A short time later I received a phone call from Mr. Tim Durkin who explained to me that he was a child custody lawyer with Jackson White and had received my contact information. Tim spent about an hour on the phone with me telling me my rights and options in the State of Arizona should my ex-wife and I need to pursue the court system for resolution. Tim took the time to listen to my concerns and offered that should we need his services he would be interested in meeting with me. I kindly thanked Tim for his time and the information and expressed my deep appreciation for his phone call, a call that I was not charged for. About six months later, my Ex-wife served me with court papers wanting to seek full custody of my son, to take away my parenting rights, reduce my parenting time, and seek child support. At the time I shared 50% custody with my Ex-wife and we shared my son’s expenses. I turned to Mr. Durkin. My wife and I met with Tim on an initial consultation and presented him with our thoughts, documentation, and responses to my ex-wife’s court documents. Tim Durkin was extremely professional, respectful of our emotions and concerns, and were completely honest with us from the beginning. Tim explained that our options were to simply file a response to my ex-wife’s letter via the court system, file a counter petition, offer a settlement agreement, or fight for every right that I have as my son’s father. Tim explained that in all of these it was not a requirement or a necessity that we use an attorney. Tim expressed that should we hire him they could prepare a response for us, help work out a settlement offer, and if our desire was to fight for custody and our rights, he would represent us with both barrels blazing and even though it was an uphill battle, he would fight tooth and nail for us but more importantly he would vigorously fight for my son. We hired Tim. In the end, we did not have to let our fates be decided by a judge but instead we battled outside of court with opposing counsel and won in a settlement that allowed me to keep ALL of my parenting rights, ALL of my parenting time, set up a more reasonable Holiday Schedule, and hold both households at the 50/50 responsibility guidelines and expectations. If it were not for Tim Durkin, Jackson White and the High level staff they employ, I may have lost my rights to my son. Now, I know my boy has a chance in this life to be a good man because he will continue to grow up in a very loving home that my wife and I provide. I cannot thank Tim Durkin and the Jackson White team enough for their hard work, professionalism, dedication, patience, and desire to fight for what is right.”


Tim rocked it at court! You guys are the best law firm! Thank you for all you do!”

– Kaylea

First, let me thank you for a job well done. The amount [of child support and spousal maintenance] came far under what I was even expecting to pay. You guys are wonderful.”

– T.R.

A dear and trusted friend referred us to the law firm of JacksonWhite. Divine Intervention brought us to Tim Durkin.

After a devastating experience with another family law attorney, we felt hopeless and defeated. I knew that my very young son was not being adequately cared for by his father during his visitations. I also knew that his father was addicted to prescription pain medication. His father was from a prominent family and had a very “high powered” attorney at his disposal. After my mother and I met with Tim and his paralegal, they gave us the reality check that it is next to impossible to get sole custody in the state of Arizona, but they were determined to fight and were not intimidated by any other attorney’s reputation. Battle after battle, discovery after discovery this amazing team did the impossible and got sole custody of my son for me plus supervised visits. We became part of their legal family and the legal team. They never gave up and believed in me and my mission to keep my son safe. It is for these reasons that my family and I have recommended the “amazing duo” to anyone and everyone that is experiencing family related legal issues.”

– TR

After my initial interview of Timothy Durkin and his staff at JacksonWhite, I was impressed by the fact that they were actually genuinely more concerned with the future well being and safety of my daughter more than anything else.

Not only were they very professional, but they were also compassionate and empathetic to me as a father. They helped me to feel more in control of an unfortunate situation that was already very out of control. I appreciated their broad legal knowledge base and it later became obvious that knew how to apply that knowledge extremely well when it came time to enter the court room. As a result of their efforts, I was awarded sole custody of my daughter with the mother receiving limited parenting time. I cannot thank them enough for the results that they achieved. I highly recommend them to anyone going through a custody case.”

– SL

I had the good fortune to work with Timothy Durkin and his family law staff this past year during my divorce.

From the moment I walked into Tim’s office to the day the dust settled, I felt safe. Leaving a 31 yr. marriage would be daunting for anyone but I never once felt as though I was alone. Tim was always prepared both legally and professionally when it came time to confront the opposing team. He is a presence to be reckoned with during litigation. His legal staff empowered me as a woman and helped me to recognize my strength when I had forgotten it. They were able to reconstruct my house with the 6 nails and 2 boards I gave her, helping me realize my rights under the law. I looked forward to their updates on my case, and knew without a doubt they would have my back no matter what. I not only consider Tim and his staff my legal dynamite, but I am proud to call them my friends. When asked by a a couple of other people if I liked my counsel during my divorce, I always answer yes and hand them Tim’s card. I will continue to recommend this team to anyone who asks without hesitation.”

– BO

I feel honored and proud when thinking about my experience with Tim and his team, and I am happy for their services rendered.

They always made me feel at ease because I knew my case would be handled in a professional and timely manner. I was also very impressed with Tim’s knowledge as well as the way he presented himself throughout my time working with him. They made it a priority to make sure I was treated with respect and thoughtfulness at all times.”

– MT

Over the past three years, I have dealt with Tim and his staff on a number of different issues

Each time, I have been extremely satisfied with the prompt, professional and caring manner in which they have responded to my needs. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of any family law services and look forward to working with them in the future. Keep up the great work!”

– JS

Although the situation which required us to seek your assistance was anything but pleasant, our association with you and your staff has again been an unqualified pleasure.

Your sincere empathy with our ongoing concerns combined with your demonstrated expertise in these matters guided us through personally unfamiliar territory with kindness and professionalism. Your willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for us and answer any and all questions was invaluable in helping us manage the personal stress and anxiety we were feeling on our own. The accessible assistance of your knowledgeable staff was also a continual support to us. At all times, we felt the security of knowing we had a committed team behind us. As much as we hope that our current situation has been ‘resolved’ (as much as possible), should future events prove otherwise, we would not hesitate to seek your assistance again or recommend your services to others. Thank you again so much for being a concerned friend, as well as dedicated counsel, to us.”

– CB & CD

After a huge success, I have found that the qualities displayed between this team are not only unique but extremely rare. My recommendation as a professional and as a parent would be to stay with these highly qualified individuals.

– SP

While I may have joked over the years about “When I get divorced…” I never actually thought it would happen.

Knowing I did not want to fight my spouse but did want to protect the sanctity of the marriage, another attorney recommended Tim and his legal team. Tim was incredibly professional, extremely courteous, and unlike other attorneys I had interviewed, he listened to what I wanted even when he disagreed. He laid out my legal rights, outlined the benefits and consequences of proceeding in all directions, and moved forward with a level of respect and courtesy that honored the spirit of my 18 years with my spouse. Even though we tried to avoid it, we did end up at trial. A nervous wreck, I begged Tim to settle it. He assured me he would try (which he did!), but pushed me to be prepared. His questions were respectful to me and my spouse, and at trial, I knew I was in good hands. When the circumstances of the trial changed, I turned to Tim and asked him to take another direction. He then flipped his notebook to a page filled with questions that, while still respectful, were much harder for my spouse and his attorney to defend. To say he was prepared was an understatement! While I still lament the loss of my marriage, I do not for one second regret any steps I took throughout the process, and that includes the hiring and trust of Tim and his team. They gently guided me through the process, and continue to be there for me afterwards. I cannot thank them enough!”

– CL

I was very pleased with the services that I received from Tim Durkin and his paralegal

They made me feel as though I was their only client, and they treated me with the best care possible. While going through a divorce, I always felt liked they cared about my well-being as well as that of my babies. Tim handled my case as though I was his daughter because he fought for all that he could to achieve the best possible results.”

– MC

I was very impressed by the professionalism and legal expertise that Mr. Durkin utilized as he assisted me during such a difficult time. I am very happy that I chose Mr. Durkin to represent my son and I as we pursued all legal options available. I have recommended Mr. Durkin to numerous individuals and have done so with high acclaim. Because of Mr. Durkin, a difficult situation was bearable and the outcome far better than it could have been.”

– SC

From beginning to end, I was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Durkin’s efficiency and professionalism.

Amidst the difficulty of a troubling divorce, Mr. Durkin and his team provided me with clarity and peace of mind. Answers were never any further than a phone call or email away, and responses were always timely and clear. Not only did Mr. Durkin help me obtain a very favorable outcome, but he also kept me from feeling like I had to travail this process alone. I highly recommend JacksonWhite to anybody who has to go through a divorce.”

– TW

Tim Durkin is a wonderful lawyer who cares about his clients.

He has represented me since 2008. Even though my case was not easy, Tim managed to represent me with the utmost care and attention through the whole process. Tim is smart and trustworthy and I would recommend him to everyone I know! Also, Tim’s team is very kind and helpful. I could not have gone through with my divorce without their guidance and support! Thanks again for everything!”

– MS

I had the pleasure of working with Tim Durkin during our difficult custody case. We had been through a couple of attorneys that didn’t seem to take an interest, let alone aggressively pursue our case.

Tim and his staff both made it apparent that they not only had an interest in our case, but were willing to fight for our rights. They were able to get done, in less than one year, more than all of our previous attorney’s combined. I was impressed with the passion and knowledge that they displayed during our distressful time.”

– PS

After my now ex-husband filed for divorce in 2009, I had so many questions and was very concerned that he would receive the alimony from me that his filing demanded. Originally, I went to another attorney where I received very little support and was told that I should settle and pay what was in the filing.

While I truly wanted to do what was fair in the matter, I did not believe I owed alimony. I left the first attorney and sought Tim Durkin’s representation. He answered all of my questions honestly and detailed for me the different scenarios and possible outcomes. He gave me his best advice and prepared my case with my input. I felt he cared about me, I was a person, not just a case. I was truly astonished at the difference in the level of knowledge and advice I received from the two attorneys. Tim was professional and caring, he was assertive in court and I did win the case regarding the alimony. I relied on Tim during a very difficult time in my life, I would not have wanted anyone else to represent me.”

– RH

At all times, we felt the security of knowing we had a committed team behind us. Thank you again so much for being a concerned friend, as well as dedicated counsel, to us.”

– TP


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