Or should we saw wife. Terrell Owens, who is best known for his uncanny ability to catch footballs on the gridiron, just can’t seem to catch a break off of it. Reportedly, after two weeks of marriage the former NFL All-world wide receiver is splitting with his newlywed bride, 33 year old Rachel Snider.

Snider is convinced that Terrell married her simply for her good credit, and with good reason, it is well documented that Owens can’t seem to figure out how to hold onto his money, or any money for that matter. Snider believes that Owens entered the marriage so he could obtain a loan for a two-million dollar home in California.

Snider seems to be pretty shaken up about the divorce stating in an interview “I really valued his love and friendship for five years. Out of the love in my heart, I tried to help him. We had a secret relationship for five years, and I married him for love.  I felt in love and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken.”

Owens reportedly has blown through a total of 80 million dollars since his playing days which has resulted in his bankruptcy and failed child support payments, and things don’t seem to be improving anytime soon for Terrell. He is well past his playing age and with his reputation it probably won’t be easy for him to find employment.

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