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Collaborative Divorce Assessment

Spouses that are approaching a divorce should consider talking with a collaborative lawyer to get an assessment of their situation. A collaborative lawyer can provide some insight as to whether ...
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The Collaborative Divorce Process

Once the collaborative divorce process beings, all agreements set forth in the participation agreement must be followed. All parties engage in brainstorming to focus on resolution instead of acting as ...
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What is a participation Agreement?

Also known as a collaborative commitment agreement, a participation agreement provides guidelines of what the parties may and may not engage in throughout the collaborative divorce process. This agreement is ...
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The Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

Overall, the collaborative divorce process can be less costly than litigation or going to court. By focusing on resolving issues through cooperation instead of opposition, the divorce process is generally ...
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What is a collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce gives spouses the opportunity to work out the terms of their divorce and resolve their divorce issues without having to do so in court. It signifies an effort ...
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