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At JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law, we are committed to serving each person and family who seeks our help. Our family law attorneys excel at developing legal strategies for every unique scenario. Our goal is to help you achieve the solution you desire while protecting your best interests. We encourage you discuss your needs, goals, and concerns with us along the way. Our seasoned legal team is here to guide you, provide advice and representation that best suits you and your situation.

During your research for a Family Law attorney, you may have found that some law firms offer an initial consultation for free. This may seem like an appealing offer, but we’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for,” right? Well this philosophy is true for attorney consultations as well. Free consultations can often be just a sales meeting where an attorney pitches you on why they should be hired for your case. Meanwhile, NONE of your questions were answered, and you left the consultation uncertain of what happens next. There was no strategy discussed, no goals set, and no answers to your questions.

This is where we come in. Here at JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law, our family law attorneys come prepared to the strategy session, ready to talk through your concerns and answer your questions. We’ll evaluate your situation, discuss your goals, and map out a specific path forward. The strategy session doesn’t obligate you to anything, however, it will provide you with invaluable information that you can use to make an informed decision. Every person and situation is different. That’s why YOU are the focus of the strategy session. You’ll receive high quality legal advice and specific steps to take in order to move forward with your family law case.

We offer our 1-hour strategy session with a qualified attorney for the affordable rate of $300. We confidently know that by offering paid strategy sessions, we can better provide for the needs of the people seeking our help.

Developing a strategy for your family law case is not only essential, its the most efficient way to get your family law matter on the right track and make good choices about what lies ahead. Working with an attorney early on to set objectives and develop strategy, will be to your advantage when you file your initial pleadings. The long term gains, certainly outweigh the initial upfront cost. When you retain JacksonWhite Law, you will have a skilled, and knowledgeable attorney on your side.


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