As a Mesa AZ divorce attorney, part of my family law practice involves assisting my clients with dissolution proceedings as well as dealing with issues of spousal maintenance, also known as alimony. In Arizona, spousal maintenance is a court order requiring one spouse to make maintenance payments to the other for a period of time. Usually, alimony is paid monthly from one spouse to another for a specific number of years. Spouses can agree on the exact amount and duration of alimony with or without the intervention of the courts. During a typical dissolution proceeding, if two parties cannot solve issues of spousal maintenance on their own, the court will then step in to make this decision for them.

When divorcing couples are able to resolve their disagreements concerning spousal maintenance through alternative methods, their divorce is usually less costly, time consuming and emotionally draining. Therefore, it is always best to exhaust all possible solutions to issues within a divorce before resorting to litigation. Some of the options available to divorcing spouses are collaborative divorce as well as the mediation process. A Mesa AZ divorce attorney can help couples approach their divorce from a collaborative standpoint instead of an adversarial standpoint.

It is possible for divorcing couples in Arizona to avoid the courtroom, and a Mesa AZ divorce attorney can help. If you need assistance with issues of spousal maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Mesa AZ divorce attorney Tim Durkin at 480-464-1111. I’ve assisted numerous individuals in Arizona with their dissolution proceedings, and would me more than happy to assess your case during a consultation.