Recent studies show that it is not uncommon for one-two children to receive abuse, while their siblings remain perfectly healthy. Judith Cohen, a medical director for a hospital, explains that employees at the hospital have definitely seen signs of this. There are various reasons these children could be singled out, from gender or physical features to behavioral issues. This phenomenon is referred to as scapegoating or the Cinderella phenomenon. Daphne Young, vice president of communications and prevention education at Childhelp, explained “It’s hard to tell what turns on the switch, but once it’s on, it seems that child becomes the scapegoat for all the anxieties in the family.”

Example Cases

Authorities have seen this phenomenon played out in child abuse cases multiple times. One example of the Cinderella phenomenon occurred in Greenville, Mercer County in the month of June. There was a family with four children living in Greenville. The 7-year-old boy was the only one receiving abuse. The young boy, Antonio Rader, was described as a “skeleton” or “holocaust victim” when authorities found him. He was living off of small amounts of tuna and eggs and weighed a measly 24 pounds. He would try to sneak food, or catch insects to eat. Besides starvation, the boy also faced regular beating with belts and was not allowed to practice good hygiene. His teeth were abscessed and his shower privileges where little to none.

This boy in now in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and is recovering. The other children living in the home seemed healthy. They have been placed in foster care.

The 3 adults living in the home are facing charges including child abuse. One of the adults was the boy’s grandmother. Allegedly, she did not like her grandson and instigated the abuse in the home.

Child Abuse in Arizona

According to A.R.S. 13-3623 a child is defined as any individual under the age of 18. It is illegal in the state of Arizona to abuse any child. Anyone who intentionally causes or allows physical injury to be inflicted upon the child could face felony charges.

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