It’s an understatement to say that a divorce will change your life. Your living situation, finances, and social relationships will be dramatically different after you separate from your spouse. And if the two of you have children together, their lives will be dramatically impacted as well.

As parents going through a divorce, you will have to negotiate a parenting plan that reflects your new situation.

Creating a Parenting Plan

Coming up with a parenting plan for divorced parents can be very difficult. Both of you will need to agree on an arrangement that you can realistically follow. While this task may feel extremely overwhelming, keep in mind that you can always go back and revise your parenting plan as often as you need.

Neither of you should expect your first attempt at writing your parenting plan to be your last one. There will be certain aspects of your plan that will be successful for the long term, and other aspects that will have to be revised frequently.

Revising Your Parenting Plan

As your children grow up, their lives change at a rapid pace, and you should expect the revisions of your parenting plan to reflect those changes. If your children are in elementary or middle school following your divorce, your plan will have to consider who will drive and pick the children up from school every day, or who will take them to their soccer games on the weekends.

Once your children reach the age when they can drive themselves, or if they start to plan for college, your plan can adapt to accommodate accordingly.

For these reasons and others, you’re parenting plan will have to reflect changes in:

  • Your living situation
  • Your spouse’s living situation
  • Your children’s needs and age-related activities

Your parenting plan will adjust to meet the changes that happen in the lives of you, your spouse, and your children, and constant revisions should be expected.

Getting Help with Parenting Plan Revisions

If you feel that you might need assistance or guidance to better anticipate those revisions, the family law team at JacksonWhite can help. With our skilled and experienced legal team, you’ll be able to create a revised parenting plan that completely reflects the priorities, needs and circumstances of you, your children and your former spouse.

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