What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence in the state of Arizona is a serious offense. If you and your children are victims of domestic violence, it is important to contact authorities to protect yourself against violent acts. The Arizona legislative system defines domestic violence as threats, harassment, molestation, stalking, attacks, batter or strikes on an intimate partner, family member, or child. Even if the offense only occurs once, it is still classified as domestic violence.

According to Arizona Aggravated Domestic Violence Laws ARS 13-3601.02: if found guilty of three misdemeanor charges of domestic violence in a span of 84 months, the victim can charged with a class 5 felony and the offender can be sentenced up to 2.5 years in prison. If offender causes serious injury or uses a weapon, they can be charged and sentenced between five and fifteen years in prison. In addition to serving time, the offender will be required to go to domestic violence treatment programs.

How can you protect yourself from domestic violence?

In Arizona a person can request one of the five protective orders established to secure the safety of victims. Under ARS 13-3602 a person may file and order of protection that must be approved by the courts. An order of protection is the most common protective orders and it establishes a legal restraint due to domestic violence between the victim and abuser.

In emergencies, an emergency order of protection can be filed. The EOP allows for a protective order to be filed even after the court is closed for the day. It only lasts for one day, unless the courts decide to extend the order. Rural counties that do not have the authority to file an EOP, a release order can be issued. A release order requires government officials to create restraints that protect the victim upon release of the offender.

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