Paternity Actions

Paternity actions arise when a child is born out of wedlock. A paternity action may be filed by either parent. Typically, a father files a paternity action when he wants to secure his parental rights. A Mother typically files a paternity action when she wants the father to assume parental responsibilities, including child support obligations. Until paternity is established, fathers do not have an enforceable right to custody or visitation. Likewise, mothers cannot enforce child support without first establishing paternity.

When seeking parental rights, fathers sometimes submit to a paternity test on their own volition. In child support disputes, however, fathers are sometimes more reluctant to submit to the paternity test. Upon the filing of a petition from the child’s mother, courts will order a DNA test to prove paternity, which the alleged father is required to take. If the test proves paternity, then the mother can proceed with her request to establish child support.

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