When parents involved in a Mesa AZ divorce case can agree upon issues of child custody and/or parenting time on their own instead of taking the issue to court, the children, and even the parents themselves, are much better off in the long run. Parents know their children and their needs much better than a judge who has probably never met them. One potential problem, however, is that by the time parents decide to dissolve their marriage, they might have a hard time working things out on their own. If parents in Arizona are unable to reach custody and parenting time agreements, they can try alternative methods such as mediation or they will probably need to go to court. As a result, divorcing parents with differences of opinion regarding child custody and parenting time issues should contact a Mesa AZ child custody attorney for assistance. When children are involved in a Mesa AZ divorce or separation, it is always a good idea to consult with a Mesa AZ family law attorney who has experience with child custody and parenting time issues.


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