What seems to be every man’s dream, turned out to be on mans nightmare. In fact the man hated it so much, he filed for divorce: too much sex.

Sex and Divorce

There are many divorces filed where the couples are engaged in a sexless marriage, but it is rare to hear of a divorce due to excessive sex.

One man filed a divorce in a Mumbai family court stating he could no longer stand his wife’s “excessive and insatiable desire for sex.”

The husband approached the courts in India back in January, and originally stated his wife was “aggressive, stubborn and autocratic”. He also explained how he was harassed for sex since they married in April of 2012.

Allegedly, the man had been forced to take medication by his wife. This medication was designed to boost his sexual stamina. At one point, the husband was hospitalized for an uneasy stomach. The wife also delivered many threats to her husband. Many times she threatened if she remained unfulfilled after sex, she would engage in infidelity.

Divorce Granted

When the wife failed to appear at court, the divorce was granted. While there are many grounds for divorce, this one defiantly falls under unusual.

Other Strange Grounds

While excessive sex is a strange reason for divorce, it is not alone. Below are some other interesting reasons for divorce.

  • Divorce from a momma’s boy: One woman filed for divorce after her new husband had separation issues and invited his mom on the honeymoon.
  • He’s a super clean freak: One woman filed for divorce because she could not handle her husband’s desire for cleanliness. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he tore down an entire wall and rebuilt it because the original was dirty.
  • Too old to lie: A 30 year old woman lied about her age, claiming she was 24. Ten years after the wedding day the man realized the lie and field for a divorce.
  • The tattle tale pet: One woman discovered her husband had been unfaithful from her pet bird. The bird would say things like “divorce” and “be patient”, the woman used that as grounds for her divorce.

Divorce Attorney

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