After deciding to separate and divorce the person you were once married to, it’s understandably difficult to consider keeping that person as a part of your life. You may never want to see or talk to them again, but it’s important to negotiate a new relationship with them, especially when there are children involved.

It’s OK to be angry with your spouse following a divorce as there may be many unsettled issues between the two of you. But for the sake of your children, you must try to put your differences aside and create a new partnership with one another. If it helps you, consider your new relationship as a formal agreement, as if you were making a business arrangement. This may make it easier to see past your emotions to formulate a child-focused parenting plan that both of you can agree on.

If sitting down and negotiating with your spouse frightens or upsets you, or if you don’t think you would be able to get through it without your emotions getting the better of you, it might be a good idea to consider hiring an AZ Family Law attorney as a mediator. Seeking professional help with a neutral counselor that can assist in drafting up a parenting agreement could save you years of trial and error. Contacting a family law attorney that has years of experience dealing with parenting agreements and divorced couples will have invaluable insight that will help you form the best new relationship possible with your spouse following a divorce. To schedule a consultation with JacksonWhite Family Law attorney, Tim Durkin, call (480)-779-7972 today.