In a recent Kardashian vacation to Thailand, Kim suddenly had a new desire-adoption. This desire sprouted after the family visited a Thailand orphanage, and Kim fell in love with a little girl named Pink. Despite Kim’s ‘Angelina’ like intentions, she will not be allowed to adopt the young girl-and it’s not because Kanye West objects.

Kardashian at the Orphanage

While the Kardashian-Jenner group was vacationing in Thailand they turned to Iniala Resort’s founder, Mark Weinberg, for itinerary ideas. Mark informed them of an orphanage nearby. Kris quickly arranged for the family to make an appearance. The family gathered items they could offer to the children as gifts. These items included; pillows, clothing (from the Kardashian Kids Kollection), pillows, toys, and sporting equipment.

While the family was visiting with the children Kim fell in love with one child in particular. This 12 year old girl, Pink, seemed fond of Kim as well. As the family was leaving, Pink gave Kim one of her only possessions-a bracelet. She offered it to Kim as a souvenir because Kim had complimented her bracelets during the visit.

Longing for Baby Number 2

When the family returned to the resort Kim starts researching on adoption and how she could help Pink. She shared her desires with the family. They soon discover that adoption from Thailand is not possible. The rules for adopting children are very strict in Thailand. This is due to the human trafficking laws and many have doubts about the true motivations foreigners have when adopting.

A heartbroken Kim returned to the hospital to see how she can help Pink and her fellow friends at the orphanage. They donated more gifts (including a pool) and other essentials. Kim explains, despite the fact she cannot adopt, she plans to continue to reach out in other ways.

Adoption Laws in Arizona

According to ARS 8-103 any adult resident of the state of Arizona may be eligible to qualify to adopt. While every Arizona resident may be eligible to qualify, not everyone does. There are numerous standards that are viewed before an individual is allowed to adopt. These include; marital status, wishes of the child, the child’s birth parents wishes, etc.

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