Losing a job, taking a pay cut, or encountering unforeseen medical expenses are all appropriate reasons for parents to petition the court for a child support modification. In these situations, the change to the child support amount must be 15% or more of the current arrangement.

Keeping the Court Aware of Your Situation

Former spouses who experience changes in their personal lives have a responsibility to make sure the court is aware of their current income or life situation. Parents often feel overwhelmed when their support orders do not reflect the actual and current circumstances in their life.

They should therefore make the court aware of those circumstances and request a modification to alleviate the stress of an outdated support order. Over time, many factors can change your monthly income or overall financial situation, and often, arrangements made in the past don’t accurately reflect your current circumstances.

Get Help with Child Support Modification

Because a support order remains in effect as written unless it is modified by a subsequent court order, parents should consider contacting a family law attorney that can help them through the modification process.

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