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Marriage is considered one of the most sacred and special ceremonies that can be performed. For many, it is the best day of their lives, along with the birth of children and other momentous events.

Marriage is performed by a person in one of two categories: a licensed member of a state agency, such as a judge or a court clerk, or a member of the clergy, such as a priest, rabbi, or minister. A marriage is a lifelong vow to love and cherish another person until death.

However, often times the thought of what a marriage will be like doesn’t quite add up to what the actual marriage ends up being like, leading to divorce. Quite regularly, people will have two or more marriages throughout their lives (According to the US Census Bureau, in 2012, 28% of married men and women in Arizona had been divorced and remarried). This raises the question and main focus of the article, how soon can you get married after a divorce?

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Why Should You Get Married in the First Place?

Marriage is something that occurs between two people who are deeply in love, usually. There can be other reasons to get married, such as financial incentives, legal incentives, and customs incentives. For the most part, however, marriage is based on love.

The reasoning behind marriage is to legally and contractually connect two people into one family through the means of a marriage license/contract. Marriage is legally binding, meaning each person owns 50% of all combined possessions, which can make for a sticky situation when two people marry without a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement entitles each party to certain amount of money or possessions agreed upon before the marriage takes place. This is partly an attempt to stop fraud when one party is significantly wealthier than the other. As mentioned earlier, in a standard divorce, each party is entitled to 50%.

With a prenuptial agreement, a deal takes place beforehand that makes sure the wealthier party does not lose half of their wealth in such event. As you can see, divorce is a complicated issue and does not make it easy to answer the question, how soon can you get married after a divorce?

Remarrying for Love – The Ideal Scenario

For the sake of this next section regarding the question, how soon can you get married after a divorce, the issues of money and possessions will be forgotten and love will be the focus. Love is the most powerful drug known to man, as it can enchant us and fill our minds with nothing else other than its magical feeling.

Everybody has a different definition of love but for the most part we can all agree on one standard definition: love is a very strong feeling of connection and desire to be with another person. Of course, that is just a simple notion and many may feel different about it. But again, love has a different meaning to everyone.

People marry for love and it is a beautiful thing; however, it does not always work out. People can change and fall out of love with each other. Adultery, like it or not, is something that a lot of married people take part in and provides reasoning behind a large number of divorces.

Other stresses, such as having children, employment difficulties, or money issues provide many of the other reasons that people get divorced. Whether or not those two people will always have a feeling of love between them years later is up for debate, as well as whether or not they will love another person with the same feelings again.

Love, for the most part, is possible with more than one person over the course of a lifetime, even after a divorce. How soon can you get married after a divorce? How soon can you love another so much that marriage is on the table?

Quite simply, whenever you have that feeling again. Realistically, a year is probably the earliest that someone is likely to get married after a divorce. There are outliers and strange circumstances of course, but for the most part a year is about right.

Legally Speaking, How Soon Can You Get Married After a Divorce?

In the United States, marriage laws differ by state so there is no nationwide answer to this. In Arizona, there is no waiting period after you get a divorce, so you can technically get married as soon as your divorce is finalized.

For the most part, states tend to have similar laws that fall into one of a few categories. The vast majority of states have little to no restrictions on the length of time between divorce and marriage. Basically, you can get divorced and remarry within three days in most states in the United States, with a lot of those states having absolutely no restrictions; meaning it could be done the same day.

A small minority of the states will force people to wait a month plus the length of time it takes to get a marriage license. An even smaller minority will force people to wait 6 months to remarry after a divorce. Chances are though if you live in the United States, you can easily get remarried within a week after you get divorced.

There was a time long ago when the act of marriage really was a lifelong commitment and could not be ended under any circumstances, after consummation of the marriage had occurred. In this current age, a significant portion of marriages end in divorce and a significant number of those people will marry again at some point in their life.

As stated, there is no specific answer in terms of how long it takes to love another and commit to another. These feelings cannot be quantified and normal reasoning cannot be applied to love. The best guess is that at the very earliest, if the stars truly aligned, maybe a year and you could feel those feelings again.

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