When divorcing spouses in Arizona have children together, calculating a proper child support amount can be a complicated process. Generally, there are a couple of circumstances that Arizona courts will take into account when making a determination of child support, such as:

–          The number of children involved,

–          The incomes of both parents,

–          Which parent will provide medical insurance for the children,

–          The amount of any medical insurance premiums,

–           Whether there are any extra child care or educational costs, and

–          The number of annual parenting days each parent has.

Due to the different determining factors that Arizona courts take into consideration when calculating a proper amount, child support is often one of the most contested issues in a dissolution proceeding. Parties to a Mesa AZ divorce can protect themselves and their children by knowing their rights under Arizona law. Oftentimes, it can be beneficial for divorcing parents to consult with a Mesa AZ child support attorney who can help them understand their rights under Arizona law.

If you are a parent going through a divorce in Mesa AZ, or any other city in the Phoenix metro area, and have questions regarding child support, the Mesa AZ family law firm of JacksonWhite is here to help. Our knowledgeable Mesa AZ child support attorney Tim Durkin has helped numerous individuals facing family law issues in the east valley, and can assess your case during a family law consultationcall 480-464-1111.