Child support is a complicated area where it seems men are the ones that need to dig deep into his pockets to pay up. However, the Los Angeles Superior Court decided that it would be Halle Berry that would need to pay child support towards her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey.

Trouble Leading Up to Decision

Reaching this decision has been quite a long road for Berry and Aubrey. They began dating in 2005 and had their daughter, Nahla, in 2008.

In 2010, Berry and Aubrey broke off their relationship and she began dating her current husband, Oliver Martinez. They married in 2013.

However, since the break-up, Berry and Aubrey have been in a bitter child custody and support battle in the courts. One issue was that Berry wanted to move Nahla to France and away from Aubrey, who lives in Los Angeles.

The custody battle ended in 2011 where both parents have equal custody over their daughter. Tensions were still high, though, in 2012 when Martinez and Aubrey began fighting on Thanksgiving Day.
But now all the legal drama has been brought back to order where Berry will be digging deep for child support.

Child Support Decided for Berry

Berry must pay 16,000 dollars each month to her Aubrey. This must be paid until their daughter, Nahla, turns 19 or graduates high school.

In addition, she must pay 115,000 dollars retroactively in child support and cover Aubrey’s legal fees, which amount to about 30,000 dollars. Berry is also solely responsible for Nahla’s tuition.
Aubrey and Berry will split health care costs.

Child Custody and Support Attorney

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