Many men think they are the underdogs in family courts and believe they will typically lose in divorce battles. JacksonWhite’s family law team believes this isn’t true, and is dedicated to providing men their fair rights in a divorce.

The Importance of Father’s Rights in Arizona

The presence of a father in a child’s life is extremely important for child development. Too often, fathers are forced out their children’s lives resulting in an unfortunate circumstance for kids.

Science and numerous studies show that children with fathers present in their lives have more advantages than those without fathers present. Children with fathers present are more likely:

  • to be emotionally secure and confident
  • to be willing to explore their environments
  • to have stronger personal relationships

The father’s rights movement was started by individuals who found frustration from family law courts, and set a goal to start equalizing shared parenting and child support.

The movement has received international coverage, and has played a powerful role in family law debates. Followers believe the child’s best interest includes being taken care of by both parents, so joint physical custody and fair parenting time is important.

Father’s rights activists are hoping for an environment in family courts where both the mother and father are treated fairly and equally.

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