When doctors with substantial assets and reputations file for divorce, they can put their financial well-being at risk. Under Arizona divorce law, a working doctor’s medical practice can be seen as community property in a divorce. Any investments, earnings or property that was obtained with funds from one spouse’s medical practice will need to be assessed during the dissolution process. Furthermore, in order for a doctor to claim that their spouse played no role in the success of their medical practice and should not receive half of the practice’s value in the terms of their divorce, the doctor will need provide the court with substantial and compelling evidence.

Medical professionals and their spouses need to make sure that they protect themselves when they file for divorce in Arizona. It is important for both parties to retain an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney who can help them reach an agreeable settlement that reflects their best interests. If you have questions about medical practitioners and divorce, the Phoenix family law attorneys at JacksonWhite can help. Our dedicated team approaches each case with sensitivity and confidentiality. We make it a priority to make our clients feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. Call our office today at (480) 464-1111 to learn more about our services for medical professionals and their spouses in the Phoenix metro area.