In a study done by the National Longitudinal Study of Youth in 1979, it found that couples that tend to get divorce usually have had a firstborn daughter instead of a son.

However, in a recent study done by researchers Amar Hamoudi and Jenna Nobles, firstborn daughters may not be the cause of divorce but just happen to be a concurrence of events.

Stress during Pregnancy that Leads to Divorce

The new study found a link between daughters and divorce as a result of stress during pregnancy.

These researchers found that if a pregnant woman is having stress due to relationship issues, female embryos are able to withstand this stress better than male embryos.  Thus, female embryos can make it to full term if there is maternal stress about the personal relationship resulting outside of the pregnancy

Stress hormones have negative effects on pregnancies and it has been shown that the woman’s well-being, including stress, affects the probability of her carrying a child to full term.

This study disputes the claim that firstborn daughters are the cause of divorce.  Instead, it shows that those who go through divorce may have had issues during or before the pregnancy.

Hamoudi said that “What we proved was that it would be hasty to look at the daughter-to-divorce association and say, ‘Aha, girls must cause divorce,’ because we now have another explanation for why that association might exist.”

Thus, female children may be more common of parents going through a divorce.

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