Divorce can be a complicated messy business. People often forget to watch out for their own well-being and finances. Things get said and costly mistakes get made.

Some of the most common mistakes people make during the divorce process include:

1)      Keeping the house.

If you’re financially capable of keeping the house you can. That’s the only real reason to keep it. If you can’t afford it, let it go.

2)      Don’t use Social Media, texting, emails, or other technologies to name-call your ex-spouse.

It may feel good to get some things off your chest, but the internet has a funny way of spreading those comments until they reach the person you were talking about. It could also embarrass you in court, when your ex-spouse brings a print-out of everything you said.

3)      Not communicating with you ex-spouse.

Communicating with your ex-spouse is the quickest way to get the divorce process over with. If you give each other the silent treatment, it will only prolong the divorce and prevent you from moving on with your life.

4)      Not remembering to update your insurance policies and Wills.

After your divorce is finalized, it’s important to update your life insurance, Wills, and any other documents. If you forget to do this, your unexpected death could result in your ex-spouse inheriting everything.

5)      Letting the I.R.S. get more taxes than they should.

It’s also important to hire a financial planning attorney during the divorce process, in an effort to minimize taxes.

Hiring an experienced Arizona divorce lawyer can help you avoid making costly mistakes such as the ones listed above. To get in touch with a Phoenix divorce attorney, call Timothy Durkin at (480) 779-7972.