Located in New York, Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa is known for its stunning high end weddings. This fancy resort will soon be offering couples the opportunity to divorce in style. One of their newest packages will serve a quickie divorce in a beautiful setting.

The Package
For $5,000, the divorcing couples can un-do their “I do’s.” The $5,000 gets each spouse their own luxurious room, access to the resort’s spa, tennis courts, swimming area, golf courses, and a lawyer.
The hotel website often has hotel suites that sell for $500 or more a night. Each room has views of “breathtaking beauty of Saratoga Spa State Park”. This divorce package will be available to the public at the end of September.

The man behind the idea, Gideon Putnam, already conducts a concept like it in the Nether lands. Halfen explains the process, “practically, they are divorced after signing on Sunday, after signing, all work is done and we send it to a judge who only puts a stomp on it to make it official.”

Rob Sgarlata from the Gideon Putnam Hotel believes the package will be a wonderful attachment to the hotel remedies.

Divorce Hotel
Guests investing in the $5,000 package have the opportunity to be on television. Should guests desire, they can be filmed for a reality show, “Divorce Hotel”. In order to participate, the divorcing couples must be citizens of the U.S. and use the designated lawyers to mediate the divorce.

Arizona Divorce Lawyer
If you are about to or currently going through a divorce in Arizona flying to New York to divorce in luxury may not be ideal for you. While going through a divorce, it is vital to have legal representation to help you through the laws dictating divorce. Tim Durkin at JacksonWhite’s, can assist you during the process. Contact family law attorney, Tim Durkin, today.  Call 480-779-7972 to schedule an appointment.