Most people are already aware that the fees that come with a divorce settlement can be costly; attorney fees and other basic legal expenses are enough to stress someone with an average income. But it’s when unexpected things occur to escalate those fees, can divorce ruin someone’s financial standing. Many people going through a divorce are not focused on the financial changes they will face once they are single; they are focused on escaping from a marriage that they no longer want to be in. Both parties may be clouded by their hateful emotions, unable to see past their anger to make good decisions. But anyone dealing with a divorce must know that making good financial decisions is one of the most important jobs they have.

Who is going to help you make those financial decisions? It’s easy to find emotional support from your family and friends when suffering during your divorce, but it’s much harder to find someone who can give you the advice you need to make good decisions about your money. An experienced family law attorney who understands the financial impacts of divorce in Arizona can guide you through the process and can assist you in making the right decisions to ensure a promising financial future. An Arizona divorce attorney can help you realize:

-How to best divide marital property, assets, and investments,

-How to handle child support and alimony,

-The tax consequences of divorce,

-How much money you owe and who you owe it to,

-How divorce can affect your business or retirement plan,

-How to prepare for and negotiate a final settlement, and

-How to ensure stability as a single person in your new life.

Don’t go through your divorce without a professional who is experienced in the financial effects of divorce.  Guarantee that your life will be better afterwards, not burdened with debt and money problems. Call (480)-464-1111 to schedule a consultation with Arizona divorce attorney, Tim Durkin today.