Parenting time agreements provide divorcing spouses in Mesa, AZ with a way to discuss and decide upon how they should deal with issues affecting their children after their marriage has ended, without a judge having to make all of the decisions for them. Within this type of written agreement, parents can describe how they will address visitation, holiday schedules, vacation time, religion, education, medical and other important aspects of their child’s life after they are divorced. If divorcing parents are not able to create a parenting time agreement on their own, a judge will usually have to step in settle all of the issues related to their child.

If divorcing parents are able to create a parenting time agreement on their own, they are more likely to stick to the terms of the agreement. Furthermore, many divorcing parents in Arizona find that the process of creating a parenting time agreement helps them to facilitate a successful post-divorce interactions. This type of agreement also allows divorcing parents to set clear expectations and guidelines relating to the important issues that may arise as their child grows up.

In some divorce cases, parents are able to create an agreement relatively easily. On the other hand, some parents may have a difficult time drafting an agreement, especially if they have opposing viewpoints. In either type of divorce case, a Mesa, AZ divorce attorney can help in the development of a mutually beneficial parenting time agreement so that parents can avoid costly litigation.

Speaking with an experienced Mesa AZ family law attorney can help to make the divorce process in Arizona less complicated and stressful. To schedule a consultation and learn more about AZ parenting time agreements, contact Mesa AZ Divorce Attorney Tim Durkin at (480) 779-7972.