After an extensive amount of time in the courts, it was decided in July of 2014 that Clay Aiken, former runner-up on American Idol, is to receive child support from his five-year-old son’s mother.

In 2008, Aiken and his then best friend, Jaymes Foster, decided that they would have a kid together.  Foster had been the executive producer of Aiken’s last three albums through RCA.

Although Aiken has identified himself as a homosexual, they agreed to have a son and raise the son together.

However, since 2008, they have been fighting over the custody.  Aiken has complained that he has not received enough time with their son while Foster has accused Aiken of not using the his parenting time with their son.

Aiken has recently won the Democratic primary for a North Carolina congressional seat.  If he did become a congressman of North Carolina, he would have to spend more time in Washington D.C.

But for now, the courts have decided that Foster must pay child support to Aiken every month but custody is still in conflict.

Child Support Laws in Arizona

Under ARS 25-320, it states that the courts will decide that amount would be sufficient for one or both parents to pay in child support of their child.  The courts will decide if the negotiated amount is disagreed upon by one or both parents.

As for child custody, child custody courts usually favor joint custody of a child.  Under ARS 25-403, the courts will decide the custody of a child if negotiated custody is disagreed by one or both parents.

The court system for both custody and support of a child will factor in numerous circumstances including the relationship between the parents, drug or alcohol abuse, environment of parents, etc.

Legal Help for Child Support and Custody in Arizona

If you are involved in a child support and custody crisis, having an aggressive family law attorney can help you achieve your goals.  Jackson White’s family law attorney, Tim Durkin, has successfully helped families receive their child support and custody.  Call 480.779.7972 to schedule an appointment.