Bill for Custodial Rights for Gay Parents

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed legislation that replaces references to marriage as “between a man and a woman” with the word “spouse.” This new legislation is the result of California legalizing gay marriage.

However, custodial rights of children for these couples have yet to be addressed by legislation. But a new bill that Senate is looking at might change this.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is behind the AB2344 bill, a.k.a. “Modern Family Act,” which would make it faster for a spouse in a same-sex couple to adopt their non-biological child. As Desert News reported, this would expedite adoptions of a lesbian woman to adopt the child her spouse gave birth to.

This bill removes state investigation and court hearings to be necessary when gay couples are seeking adoption. It also clarifies the responsibilities of surrogate mothers and sperm donors.
AB2344 allows for an optional plan that would define the role a sperm donor or surrogate mother would have in the child’s life.

Bill for Adult Children Seeking Rights to Visit Parents

There is another bill, AB2034, by Assemblyman Mike Gatto that allows for adult children to visit their ailing parents despite objections that the new spouses may have.

AB2034 bill would allow judges to be petitioned by adult children for visitation rights of their parents who may be abused or dependent.

This latest bill was supported by Casey Kasem’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, who has been involved in numerous court battles against Casey Kasem’s second spouse over the care of her father and for not allowing visitation rights to his children.

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