Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been separated since 2011, and filed for divorce in April of 2012. This past Monday, their divorce has finally been finalized. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Sandoz granted joint legal custody of the split couples 6-year-old twin children.

What the Judgment States:

While the couple is sharing custody, records show that Lopez will have the children most of the time. Anthony will only be caring for them in person seven days out of the month. Agreements also show that no spousal or child support will be required.

An interesting portion of the finalized papers included that the couple will do whatever they can to shield their young twins from paparazzi and reporters. According the judgment, Lopez and Anthony are aware that “exposing the children to public spectacle and failing to shield the children from aggressive news organizations, photographers, etc. is not the children’s best interest.”

Arizona Rights for Divorce and Custody

There are many laws that come into play as a couple files for divorce. One of those is child custody, which can be a long process and it’s not easily decided.  The courts have to decide this issue as seen with ARS 25-328.  In Arizona, the most common form of custody is joint legal custody, but courts must decide what is best for the children. Joint legal custody requires that both parents make decisions for the child whereas sole legal custody requires only one parent to make decisions.

Fighting for Custody?

A divorce is a traumatic situation for the couple and their families. It can be very difficult to deal with child custody laws in Arizona during a divorce.


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