When you bring a new member into your family through adoption, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a long, stressful process when it comes to the legal side of adoption.

At JacksonWhite Law, we want to change that. We take every effort to make your adoption experience as positive as possible, and our talented family law team knows exactly how to make that happen.

Adopting in Arizona

Under Arizona law, adoptive parents are indistinguishable from birth parents. In order to adopt, a parent must have the financial means to support a new family member.

Adoption can become a highly complex process, as agencies and birth parents usually impose additional requirements that adoptive parents must meet in order to adopt a child. Dealing with these issues can put extra stress on the adoptive parents, but with JacksonWhite, we seek to alleviate this stress.

Clearing the Obstacles to Adoption

Depending on the type of adoption, there may be many obstacles you must hurdle in order to adopt a child. Some of these are financial, others are legal, and still others will vary with your specific situation.

With that in mind, it’s highly recommended you consult a qualified attorney in order to understand your options and choices as an adoptive parent. When you better understand the processes at work, you’ll know for sure what to expect in the months and years ahead.

Partner with the Firm Invested in Your Future

At JacksonWhite Law, we know the importance of family, and we’re here to help you realize your family’s potential. We’ll work to simplify the process and ensure your adoption is a positive first step in your family’s future.


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