As a young pupil in primary school, Bin Bin was asked why he seemed to be in pain with every move he made. After bursting into tears and telling his tragic story of domestic violence he has become the poster boy for the anti-cruelty family campaign in China.

After explaining how his stepmother savagely beats him daily he was examined. What they found was heartbreaking; every inch of the 10 year old was covered in bruises and lacerations. According to Bin Bin these attacks happen on a daily basis. He is also expected to do all the cleaning in the house, and if it is not up to par he receives more beatings.

When interviewed, Bin Bins teacher, Quiong Yang expressed her feelings, ‘He is such a sweet and kind little boy It broke my heart when he recounted this tale of cruelty’.

Abuse in Arizona:

Anyone who intentionally causes or allows physical injury to a child could face charges of a class 2 felony. If the actions are done recklessly, charges are a class 3 felony, and f done with criminal negligence; it becomes a class 4 felony. According to Arizona State Law 13-3623 a child is an individual who is under the age of 18.


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