Power Of Attorney For Elderly Parent With Dementia

Introduction When an elderly parent begins to suffer diminished mental capacity from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, a family member will usually need to step

How Do You Get Someone Declared Incompetent?

It’s difficult to watch a loved one lose the ability to safely and rationally care for themselves, especially when the change involves a gradually

Nursing Facilities in Arizona

Introduction Did you know there’s a benefit in Arizona that will pay for long-term care? The team at JacksonWhite can help your loved ones

Miller Trusts in Arizona

Introduction Setting up a Miller Trust is a complicated process and the purpose of such a trust is to ensure that an applicant can

How to Protect Your Assets From Medicaid Spend Down

Introduction Given the rising costs of care for seniors, it’s no surprise so many Americans are turning to government assistance programs like Medicaid for

Everything You Need to Know About Assisted Living in Arizona

Introduction Choosing between assisted living, home care, and nursing home care is a difficult decision. You want the best treatment and care for your

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