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Does Putting Your Home in a Trust Protect It From Medicaid in Arizona?

Introduction It’s natural to want to leave your hard-earned money and property to your loved ones after you’re gone. Unfortunately, simply willing your home

What are the AHCCCS Income Limits to Receive Medicaid in Arizona?

Introduction The Medicaid program in Arizona is called AHCCCS (the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System). AHCCCS is jointly federal and state funded and

How the Arizona Medicaid Program Works and How to Become Eligible

Introduction The Medicaid program in Arizona is known as AHCCCS (or the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System). With this system in place, everyone

How to Avoid the Medicaid 5 Year Lookback Period in Arizona

Introduction How can you avoid the Medicaid lookback period in Arizona? How far back does Medicaid look for assets and what is the penalty

Can’t Afford Health Insurance and Don’t Qualify for Medicaid in Arizona?

Introduction What can you do if you can’t afford health insurance and don’t believe you qualify for Medicaid? Are there other ways to receive

Transferring Medicaid From Another State to Arizona

Introduction Do you have questions about transferring Medicaid from state to state, or how ALTCS works in Arizona? Wondering whether all states have Medicaid

Can I Still Get Medicaid If My Employer Offers Health Insurance?

Introduction If your employer offers health insurance, can you still get Medicaid? Do you have to choose your employer’s insurance coverage, even if you’d

How to Protect Your Assets From Medicaid Spend Down

Introduction Given the rising costs of care for seniors, it’s no surprise so many Americans are turning to government assistance programs like Medicaid for

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