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How to Get Paid to Take Care of a Family Member with Disability in Arizona

Introduction You love your family members and naturally want to provide them with the best possible care. However, supporting a loved one with a

Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care in Arizona

Introduction As the adult child of aging parents, there are few things more devastating than realizing your loved ones can no longer live on

Estate Planning and Long-Term Care

Introduction Planning for long-term care is an essential component of estate planning. The cost of elder care can be substantial, resulting in financial, emotional

Does a Living Trust Protect Assets from Nursing Home Costs?

Introduction Living trusts are an excellent way to protect and distribute your assets without having to go to probate. However, many trustors worry that

Does an Irrevocable Trust Protect Assets from Nursing Home Costs?

Introduction The national average cost of long-term care in the U.S. is $225 a day or $6,844 per month for a semi-private room in

How ALTCS Helps Pay for Long Term Care in Arizona

Introduction Are you wondering how to pay for long-term care in Arizona? It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive in the United States. Thankfully,

Long Term Health Insurance Costs in Arizona

Introduction Many Arizona residents have had experience with a relative having long-term care needs, such as nursing home care, assisted living, or home healthcare.

Arizona Long Term Care Plans

Introduction Looking for long-term care plans in Arizona? Wondering if ALTCS is the same as Medicaid? Whether you’re already receiving long-term care or think

Does Medicaid Cover Long Term Care?

Introduction Are you wondering whether Medicaid covers long-term assisted living or nursing home care for dementia? Need to know if you can get help

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Arizona

Introduction Are you looking to learn more about pet-friendly assisted living in Arizona? Curious about pet therapy benefits or therapy dogs in nursing homes?

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