Jane Cox, a widow, suffered a stroke last year and has required constant care ever since. After spending 16 months in a nursing home, Jane is now well enough to return home.

When she suffered the stroke, Jane had $30,000 in savings and a home worth $70,000 that was mortgage and lien free. To pay for her nursing home care, however, Jane had to sell her home and deplete nearly all of her savings. Of course, the problem now is that Jane is healthy enough to leave the nursing home, but she has no home to which she can return, and is nearly impoverished. Due to Jane’s failure to plan, her only option is to ask her children to take her in.

Unfortunately, situations like Jane’s are much too common. Elder Law attorneys handle these issues on a daily basis, however, and can help families find workable solutions.

Although ALTCS rules are more protective of couples’ resources, even single applicants can find some relief. Had Jane sought legal counsel early on, she could have arranged to save her home and avoid impoverishment. It is always a good idea for those entering a long-term care facility to speak with a professional before they impoverish themselves paying for their care. Individuals should not wait until they have only $2,000 to ask for help.

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