Citizens who consume cannabis in Maryland will no longer serve any type of jail time. Instead, marijuana users caught possessing only small amounts of the plant will be fined; there will be no arrest, no criminal record, and no incarceration. Governor Martin O’Malley signed the Bill on April 14th but it won’t go into effect until October 1st. O’Malley says he signed the Bill because very few people actually go to jail for possession of small amounts of marijuana, but their arrests and convictions stay with them forever, hindering their future. Will Maryland legalize marijuana? In an interview with political

Flavor Flav Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence

Hip-hop icon Flavor Flav was arrested in 2012 for domestic violence when the police were called to his Las Vegas home due to an argument that occurred between the former rapper and his longtime girlfriend’s son. Flavor Flav apparently threatened the boy with a kitchen knife and was charged with child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and battery domestic violence. Though he initially served time immediately following the arrest, Flavor Flav was offered a plea deal from Las Vegas prosecutors and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges—attempted battery with substantial bodily harm and battery constituting domestic violence—last Monday, April

The Dangers of Methamphetamine in Arizona

In Arizona, the use of methamphetamine has been a problem, causing fatalities and injuries to people of all ages. AZ law recognizes meth as a “dangerous” drug, and possession or distribution of particular substances, such as meth, are serious offenses that normally lead to prison time and huge fines. What is Meth? Meth takes many forms including pills, capsules, powder, or crystals. The drug is a chemical reaction between pseudoephedrine or ephedrine and other various chemicals. According to the Arizona Attorney General, methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that causes users to experience a rush and then a state of

New Drunk Driving App Aims to Inform Drivers of Their Rights

“Oh Crap” is a new smart phone app from West Des Moines, Iowa that is designed to educate drivers about their rights if they are pulled over. According to FOX News, the main purpose of the app is to record users’ interactions with questioning officers. “If there are mistakes that are made, if rights aren’t honored, if they’re not respected then that’s where a valid defense can come up,” explained Bob Rehkemper, creator of the app and a lawyer in Iowa. The app also features useful information like, “be polite” and “keep quiet,” amongst other friendly tips. Iowa lawyers are

Minor in Consumption at Arizona Colleges

In a study done by Columbia University, results showed that 22.9 percent of college students met the definition of an alcohol or drug abuser. With three well-known colleges in Arizona, the rules for underage drinking across the state remain strict and violations can lead to serious legal consequences. ASU’s Safe & Sober Campaign According to the Phoenix New Times, a “Safe and Sober” campaign at Arizona State University ended with 486 arrests over the course of three days in August, the beginning of the school term for students. Arrests and alcohol and drug citations are a common occurrence in the

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