Even with legalization, fear of the federal government and uneasiness about the possible unforeseen impacts of legal marijuana is causing issues within the real estate markets in states like Colorado and Washington. Small businesses can’t get the loans necessary to purchase real estate because most banks are federally owned and operated, and banks typically don’t support businesses that the feds disapprove of. This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to build their marijuana businesses without having a private investor. It can also make landlords suspicious of their past tenants’ growing habits. Less Pressure on Business and Home Owners In addition to

Why do celebrities and rich people shoplift?

There are many reasons why people choose to take items from stores without paying for them, and the demographic of shoplifters is extremely diverse. Males and females of all ages, races, backgrounds, and socioeconomic standings have been caught shoplifting, but it may be surprising to learn that Americans with annual incomes of $70,000 commit the offense 30% more often than Americans who earn $20,000 a year. The phenomenon of celebrity shoplifting is illuminated in irony. Extremely famous and radically wealthy individuals like Wynonna Ryder and Brittany Spears have been caught committing the crime, along with many other celebrities. Even more

Alcohol Laws & Tailgating in Arizona

Despite what you might think, tailgating is actually completely legal for those who follow the rules. However, some restrictions for tailgating do exist including: no games that encourage excessive drinking, no underage drinking, and no liquor or glass bottles. In everyday life, standing outside and shot-gunning a beer on your street corner, or in a very public area, would get you into big trouble with the law. While tailgating may not seem much different than that, it is in the eyes of law enforcement officials. It seems like police don’t enforce the law at tailgates? Whether it’s for a college

Recently, the resolutions of police brutality cases in Missouri and New York have made America more deconstructive than ever. Protesters in the country’s major cities are angry that white police officers were not indicted by a grand jury for the unarmed deaths of two black men. Citizens have been voicing their opinions on any platform they can utilize. Some are using the Internet, but most are amassing in the streets of California and New York to disrupt the everyday routine of contemporary life. What are the intentions of the protesters? Their intention is for people to “wake up” instead of

In late September, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked the General Assembly to decrease the penalties of marijuana possession throughout the state of Illinois. He is hoping for the penalty to go from a felony to a misdemeanor for those caught with a gram or less of any controlled substance. 90-Minute Testimony During the Mayor’s testimony, he encouraged listeners to change their assumptions, specifically regarding low-level drug crimes. He claims the “assumptions that are embedded in the criminal justice system” need to be challenged. Throughout his 90-minute testimony, Emanuel explained his hopes to the House-Senate Joint Criminal Reform Committee. He is

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