Can I get a sex crime conviction set aside in Arizona?

Before answering that question, the process of setting aside a criminal conviction in Arizona should first be explained. A.R.S. 13-907 states that an individual convicted of a criminal offense, who has fulfilled the conditions of their probation or sentence and has been discharged by the court, may apply to a judge, justice of the peace, or magistrate to have their judgment set aside. The offender shall be informed of this right at the time of their discharge. Can anyone apply on my behalf? Yes, Arizona law allows the offender’s attorney or probation officer to apply to set aside the judgment.

Prescription Fraud in Arizona

Addiction to prescription medication has become a widespread problem in the United States over recent years. As opposed to illegal substances like heroin, meth, or cocaine, prescription medication is prescribed by a doctor and is legal to consume if you are the person to whom the drug is prescribed. What is prescription fraud in AZ? Prescription fraud can come in many forms, including but not limited to the situations described below: A person is prescribed medication by a doctor and then sells or gives the drugs to others. A doctor prescribes a dosage too high or for too long a

The answer to that question depends upon the details of the incident, but yes, it is possible for an owner of a dog who bit another person to be criminally liable under Arizona law. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are approximately 70-80 million dogs owned by humans in the United States. While most of them serve as loving and playful companions, some have a greater tendency towards aggression. In 2002, there were reportedly around 4.5 million people who suffered dog bites in this country, with nearly half of those being under the

Multiple Shoplifting Offenses in Arizona

Shoplifting addition is a real and prevalent problem in today’s society. Click here to see a previous blog detailing the reasons behind the issue and possible treatments. While some people shoplift because they truly cannot afford to pay for the items, some people commit the offense to relieve stress or regain control after a traumatic experience in their life. Shoplifting Charges in AZ A.R.S. 13-1805 states that a person commits shoplifting if, while in an establishment in which merchandise is displayed for sale, they knowingly obtain goods from the establishment with the intent to deprive the establishment of those goods

Understanding the Terms of Your Probation in Arizona

I was sentenced to 18-24 months probation. Why not 18 or 24 months? It is not uncommon for a judge to sentence an offender to 18-24 months of probation, but what does that mean? Will your probation end after 18 months or 24? Why does the judge give a timeframe instead of a specific number of months? Review the Probation When a judge gives a sentence like 18-24 months, that means they are willing to review the terms of the probation after 18 months. What about filing for early termination? An offender can file for early termination at any time

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