Gilbert police officers were responding to a welfare call on Saturday, but what they discovered was unexpected. A call was received informing officials that a bird was abandoned in a home in the Gilbert, AZ area. When officers arrived, they discovered a dead body in one of the bedrooms. Signs show that this woman had been dead for nearly 4 years, and was left in the home decomposing. The homeowner, Janet Delatoree, was the daughter of the deceased woman. She was reportedly caring for her mother when she passed away. At the time of her death, the woman was 95-years-old.

Four People Arrested in Mesa Murder

Genaro Silva was sentenced to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree murder back in February. Silva apparently found his girlfriend with another man in her apartment, and then beat him to death with a hammer; that victim was 39-year-old Daniel Gomez. Silva admitted to authorities that he attacked Gomez several times with a hammer. He then recruited Christopher Alejo to help him dispose of the victim’s body. The two rolled Gomez in bedding, drove him out into the desert on the Salt River reservation, and doused his body in gasoline in order to burn the remains.

On July 4th of this year, Santa Cruz police in California made an arrest of a female prostitute, but it wasn’t just for the fact that she was offering sexual services for money.  Santa Cruz police also arrested her for manslaughter of Google executive, Forrest Timothy Hayes. The prostitute, Alix Catherine Tichelman, is seen in a video at the scene of the crime.  Hayes died shortly before Thanksgiving in 2013 of a heroin overdose on his yacht. Not Calling 911 The yacht’s security cameras recorded Tichelman injecting a needle into Hayes.  The video also shows Hayes going unconscious shortly after the

A Nevada brothel owner will submit a proposal to Phoenix’s city council to open a brothel for the Super Bowl that Phoenix will host in 2015. Proposal for Brothel Dennis Hof, the owner of Bunny Ranch in Nevada, has decided to submit a proposal to open a small business that would only be open during the Super Bowl. Hof said in an interview that he plans to open the brothel one day before the Super Bowl and close the day after the Super Bowl ends. The brothel would be called “The Valley of the Sun Bunny Ranch” and Hoff would

Valentine Mazon Laborin was arrested late Sunday after allegedly stealing a police vehicle from Payson. The vehicle was reported missing at 10:30 pm Sunday. It was then spotted by a Glendale police officer in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Peoria police, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and other agencies worked together to stop the vehicle. It required stop sticks to finally get the 20-year-old to halt the car. Laborin was arrested on the scene. Theft Crimes in Arizona According to A.R.S. 13-1802, theft has a broad legal meaning and covers multiple categories and crimes. Theft is most often defined as

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