It’s not likely that you’ll be able to have your sex offender registration requirement removed in Arizona, but you may be able to have the charges against you dismissed or lowered to a lesser charge if the sexual offense is something less serious, like indecent exposure. Depending on the severity of the sex crime committed, offenders will receive a different ranking between one and three. Level 1 sex offenders are low risk and must register for 15 years. Level 2 sex offenders are a moderate risk and must register for 25 years. Finally, level 3 offenders are the highest risk

Can you have a felony charge expunged in Arizona?

The answer to that question depends largely on which felony offense you are hoping to expunge from your record. Though most felony offenses can never truly be expunged in Arizona, certain charges can be set aside. When a charge is set aside, it will still show up on your public record, but it will be specifically noted that you completed all of the requirements necessary to have that charge set aside. This will help significantly when prospective employers are checking your background. Certain Crimes Cannot be Set Aside If a crime involves any of the following is not eligible to

Boating DUIs (OUIs) in Arizona

As the weather warms up across the state of Arizona, many locals will soon be taking their boats out of storage to prepare them for the sunny summer ahead. Fun on the lake often comes with alcohol, which, if not consumed safely, can lead to some dangerous waters on Arizona lakes. If you are caught operating a motorized watercraft, which may include a boat, Waverunner, jet ski, SeaDoo, or other personal watercraft, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Arizona, you may face charges for a boating DUI, or an OUI (operating under the influence). Boating DUI Laws

Lawmakers in Arizona are currently considering adopting a new proposal, House Bill 2662, which would convert minor speeding tickets into “waste of finite resources” tickets. David Stevens is the Republican representative presenting this bill. Under his new proposal, anyone pulled over for driving between one-ten mph over the speed limit could technically receive a waste of finite resource tickets rather than a traditional speeding ticket. Why the change? According to the lawmakers who drafted the Bill, it’s supposed to reduce the costs of minor speeding tickets. The upside to this new proposal is that receiving a waste of finite resources

No one expects to end up in a jail cell, but if you ever do, chances are you’ll be trying to get out as soon as possible. The higher the price of your bail, the more difficult it will be to get released, and the cost will vary depending on the severity of your crime. If you pose a danger to yourself or the community or if you are considered a flight risk, the judge is more likely to increase your bail, making it more difficult, or extremely unlikely, for you to afford it. The base amount for bail is

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