A jury in the Maricopa County Superior Court came to a conclusion after weighing evidence for three days. Bryan Hulsey was found guilty in the murder of Glendale Police Officer Anthony Holly, and he has been sentenced to death. This case has been the longest unresolved death-penalty case in the state of Arizona. Shots Fired in 2007 In 2007, 24-year-old Holly was providing back-up to David Goitia during a traffic stop. At the stop near 60th and Oregon Avenue, Holly was shot and killed. The passenger in the vehicle, 33-year-old Hulsey, was arrested while trying to escape. In March of

Sarah Silverman’s ‘Liquid Pot’ at the Emmys

This year the Emmys introduced many new things, from fashion to the new mani and clutch cam. But the product viewers may have been most surprised to see was liquid pot. Sarah Silverman While on the Emmys red carpet Monday, Sarah Silverman showed off her vape pen filled with “liquid pot.”  While displaying her gold bag on the “clutch cam” the host asked if she could look inside. While rummaging around, Sarah displayed her vape pen saying, “This is my pot. It’s, um, liquid pot.” A Race to the Stage Silverman was one of many winners on Monday night. She

As classes start again for ASU students, Tempe Police begin their new “Safe & Sober Campaign” to prevent unnecessary, unwanted, and generally irresponsible behavior around campus. During the past few semesters, ASU has made headlines for a couple of different reasons, all of which were usually fueled by alcohol and some that involved deaths. Last school year ASU experienced: the racist MLK holiday party scandal, 18-year-old Naomi McClendon falling to her death from a high-rise balcony, and students arrested for manufacturing ecstasy in their dorms, just to name a few incidents. It’s no wonder local police are taking new measures

Penalties for Animal Cruelty in Arizona

Tre’vonte Mitchell, an 18-year-old Ohio teen, was recently arrested for punting a cat like a football. Mitchell’s friend Roy Hill filmed the entire incident, and afterwards posted it to Facebook where it gained the attention of local animal rights activists. In the video, Mitchell and Hill are walking through a neighborhood near the University of Akron campus when they stop to harass an outdoor cat. Hill starts filming, Mitchell sets up the scene, and proceeds to kick the cat about three feet, both men start to laugh and then the video is over. Outraged Citizens Share the Video Once online,

A mother in North Carolina was arrested for helping her teen son set himself on fire. This occurred because of a trending social media dare known as the “fire challenge.” Basically, one friend dares another friend via a video posted to their Facebook wall. The dare is to set one’s self on fire, put it out, and then post the video to their own Facebook page and challenge another friend to do the same. Well, not surprisingly, this doesn’t always go as planned because fire is, by nature, very hard to control. The teen in this case was badly burned,

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