Woman Lies to Cop to Get Out of Speeding Ticket, Later Arrested

28-year-old Carley Williams of Nashau, New Hampshire was pulled over by a state trooper for driving 82 M.P.H. on a local highway. In attempts to get out of a ticket, Williams pleaded with the trooper, telling him that she was rushing to be with her dying father at a Manchester hospital. Feeling sympathetic, the trooper took down her information and let her on her way.

A Lie Revealed

After doing some further investigation, the trooper learned that not only was Williams’ car’s registration suspended, her father had died in 2008. And he had the obituary to prove it.

Williams was later arrested by the trooper at her home and is facing charges for speeding and driving after suspension of registration.

Traffic Violations in Arizona

In AZ, a driver can have points added to their driver’s license if they are convicted of a traffic violation. Below, please find a list of traffic violations and their corresponding point values:



Speeding 3
Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign, or to yield the right-of-way 4
Leaving the scene of an accident, hit-and-run 6
Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign, or to yield to right of way, causing death 6
Reckless Driving 8
Aggressive Driving 8
Extreme DUI 8


If you earn 8 points or more within a 12 month period, you can have your license suspended for maximum of one year or you may be required to attend a traffic training and education course.

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