Mortgage Fraud Task Force

For those involved in Arizona’s mortgage-backed securities market, I hope you were listening when Obama spoke about the mortgage fraud task force during his State of the Union address. Now that government officials have increased their focus on mortgage fraud, practices that were once commonplace at the time of transaction, could now fall under scrutiny and suspicion. As a result of the plummeting housing market, it also wouldn’t be very surprising if authorities look to states like Arizona first when hunting down fraudulent real estate activity.

Previously, the task force focused a majority of its efforts on bringing charges against institutions. According to regulators, the task force will now extend its efforts to investigating and filing charges against individuals suspected of mortgage fraud. Bank executives and other individuals who may have improperly handled mortgages in Arizona need to make sure that their rights are protected if charges are filed against them. One of the best ways to obtain protection is to contact a mortgage fraud defense attorney at JacksonWhite. For more information about mortgage fraud in Arizona, contact our office right away at (480)-818-9943. We offer free and confidential consultations at our various locations throughout Maricopa County including Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Chandler.

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