Arrested for Check Fraud in Chandler Arizona

Last Friday, two suspects were arrested by security guards as they left a Chandler Target store. An article on reported that according to Chandler police, the men were arrested because of their connection to 27 instances of check fraud totaling over $30,000. Reports say that the security guards recognized the two men as they were walking into the Target store. Both of the suspects’ photos had been posted on an internal fraud bulletin.

The nature of this arrest for check fraud was quite intense. Video footage from a store security camera on shows just how excruciating it was for the guards to apprehend the suspects. According to Chandler police, this was no petty criminal offense. Tracking of the suspects and their fraudulent checks had been taking place for weeks. The two men have been booked into Maricopa County Jail and now face charges of forgery and conspiracy. One of the suspects may also face some additional issues, as police found marijuana along with an illegally altered driver’s license in his possession. In addition, this particular suspect also had an out-of-state warrant for theft and debit fraud.

If you have been arrested or think that you might be under investigation for check fraud or theft, talk to a criminal defense attorney today. By seeking legal assistance as soon as possible, you may be able to lessen the serious penalties associated with crimes of check fraud and forgery in Arizona. To schedule a free consultation with JacksonWhite’s fraud defense attorney, call (480) 467-4370. Put the experience of our white collar crime attorneys to work for you!

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