Charged with a DUI in Tucson? Know What You’re Up Against – The Consequences of an Arizona DUI can be Brutal!

Hearing about an Arizona DUI case that involves property damage, injury, or death is always heartbreaking as a Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Not only can a fatal DUI case cause pain and suffering for the victim and their family, but it can also destroy the defendant’s future. This past Tuesday, a 21-year-old Tucson man received his sentence for killing another man while driving under the influence with a suspended license. In addition to 10 years of probation, his sentence includes 12 years in prison. Furthermore, this DUI was not the defendant’s first offense, as he had been arrested for a different DUI just a few months earlier.

In most cases, second time DUI offenders in Arizona will receive stricter sentences than first time DUI offenders. The severity of the charge – regular DUI, aggravated DUI, or extreme DUI – will weigh heavily on the type of punishment handed down by the courts. In order for a regular DUI to be elevated to an aggravated DUI, the case will usually involve one or more of the following elements.

  • The driver caused an accident where property was extensively damaged or serious bodily injury/death occurred.
  • At the time of the driver’s arrest, there was a minor (under age 15) in the vehicle.
  • The driver was operating the vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license.
  • The driver has a prior criminal record and/or has been charged with more than three DUIs in the past seven years.

With so much at stake, it’s critical that you pick up the phone and call a criminal defense attorneyright away if you’re facing DUI charges in Arizona. There’s no telling what evidence the prosecution has against you, and you’re going to need someone who can act as your advocate in court. For more information, or to schedule a free confidential consultation, please contact myself, criminal defense attorney Jeremy Geigle. Call (480) 818 9943.

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