Facts that can Indicate a DUI Charge in Phoenix, AZ

For an individual to be officially charged with a DUI in Phoenix, AZ their case must involve the following 3 facts:

  1. The individual performed one of the following actions – driving or operating, and sometimes even just sitting in a driver’s seat or behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
  2. The individual was in control of a motor vehicle, such as but not limited to a – car, motorcycle, bike, moped or boat.
  3. The blood alcohol level of the individual was above the legal limit of 0.08 (0.01 for those under the age of 21), or the individual was under the influence of an intoxicating beverage and/or drug.

For an individual to then be convicted of DUI, there are other factors aside from the 3 mentioned above that can vary from case to case, and ultimately affect whether or not charges are reduced or possibly even dropped. For example, if the arresting officer did not properly inform the defendant of their rights or obtained any of the evidence involved in the DUI case illegally, a judge might dismiss the charge altogether, even if those 3 facts referenced above are present.

To learn more about how to defend a DUI charge in Arizona, or to have the facts and circumstances involved in your DUI case assessed, you can reach me directly at 480.818.9943. As a criminal defense attorney, I’ve represented numerous individuals with DUI issues and worked to get them a fresh start. Free DUI consultations can be scheduled at various locations throughout the Phoenix’s east valley.

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