Can I Own a Gun if I’m Living with a Prohibited Possessor in Phoenix, AZ?

If you reside in Phoenix AZ and you live with a prohibited possessor, there are actions you can take to prevent the prohibited possessor from ever knowingly or unknowingly possessing a gun. First off, you can obtain a gun safe and put protocol in place to make sure that the weapons are never knowingly or unknowingly in the individuals possession. The absolute safest way to avoid any issues or additional charges is to simply not have any guns around. When a person’s AZ gun rights have been removed and they want those rights back, the best action to take is to contact an experienced JacksonWhite criminal attorney who can motion the court to return your 2nd amendment rights to you.

Have more questions about getting your gun rights back in Phoenix AZ? Contact criminal attorney,Jeremy Geigle to have your questions answered during a free criminal consultation. You can reach Jeremy Geigle directly by calling (480) 467-4370.

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