Minor Charged with Criminal Trespassing in Chandler, AZ

When a minor (those under 18) is charged with criminal trespassing in Chandler, AZ the minor is usually charged as a juvenile. Even though both minors and adults can be charged with criminal trespassing, the minor’s penalty is generally not as severe when he/she is charged as a juvenile. Arizona is typically more lenient with juveniles than adults when it comes to punishing them for crimes. Minors convicted of criminal trespassing in Chandler, AZ could be given an opportunity for rehabilitation instead of time in jail. Usually, the courts are also more lenient with a minor on their first offense. A JacksonWhite juvenile defense attorney can provide minors charged with criminal trespassing the protection they need to get their life back on track.

For more information, contact JacksonWhite’s juvenile defense attorney. Our criminal defense team has helped numerous minors in Arizona get their life back on track, and can assess your case during a free criminal consultation. Call (480) 467-4370.

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