Can I Get Alternative Sentencing for a DUI?

It is possible for a DUI case to result in a plea agreement, especially if you have an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side. An attorney can attempt to negotiate for alternatives to jail time with the prosecution. Some alternatives in certain circumstance and jurisdictions may include:

  • Work release (May leave jail to go to work but must return to the jail at night).
  • Work furlough (Allows you to keep your job and go to work during the day but with much stricter restrictions than work release).
  • Home arrest (Involves wearing an ankle bracelet that will alert authorities if perimeter is breached).
  • City jail (Much less crowded, cleaner and safer than serving a jail sentence in a county jail).
  • Drug or alcohol treatment program

For more information on alternative sentencing for a DUI charge in Arizona, contact Jeremy Geigle, criminal defense attorney, for your free criminal or DUI defense consultation. Call (480) 467-4370.

4 Responses to “Can I Get Alternative Sentencing for a DUI?”

  1. 1st DUI, while operating cdl vehicle, what are the chances to plea out if Ive already completed a treatment program?

    • Mr. Achen,

      Thank you for your comment. If you were already convicted of a DUI, you cannot “plea out,” whether you completed a treatment program or not. A plea is entered after you are accused of a crime, and before you are convicted. You can, however, attempt to have your conviction set aside or expunged with the help of a criminal defense attorney. To schedule a FREE and confidential consultation with a JacksonWhite criminal lawyer call 480-818-9943.

      Thank you,
      JacksonWhite Client Services

  2. Although this will be my first DUI I’m fairly scared my BAC was relatively high along with criminal damage charges and marijuana and cocaine found in my bloodstream. Is there any way to get a lenient sentence for my utter wrongdoing?

    • Dear Mr. Hurley,

      Thank you for your comment. Your best chances at reducing your sentence and penalties is with help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. The DUI laws in Arizona are extremely harsh, and are even more severe when drugs are involved. Our defense lawyers have many years of experience defending DUI and drug cases in the Phoenix Valley, and have successfully minimized punishments for clients in similar positions. Call us today at 480-818-9943 to schedule a FREE consultation.

      Thank you again, we look forward to assisting you.
      JacksonWhite Client Services

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