Lifetime Probation is NOT for Life

There are numerous registered sex offenders in Maricopa County who committed an offense during their teenage years and were charged as adults and have been stamped with the mark of sex offender even though by all known measures are a low risk to ever re-offend.  These young people have not re-offended, have passed rigorous lie detector tests over the years, and have gone through thorough psycho-sexual evaluations to determine their risk to the community.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of these people do not realize that not only can their lifetime probation be terminated, the court may also delete their requirement to register, delete community notification, and yes EXPUNGE their records!  If you or someone you know is in this situation they need to speak with an attorney with experience in this area.  Click here.

One Response to “Lifetime Probation is NOT for Life”

  1. My son is curnitly serving 4/2 years for attempted rape and attempted kidnaping. The attempted rape charge was nonvoilent. he took a plea bargin. and was given life time probation. If he serves his full time. can he get off the life time pro.

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