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Simona Wilson was electrocuted by several surges of stray current while taking a shower in the comfort of her own home.  The electric charges made their way through the shower head, which was installed not too long before. In 2007, Wilson’s Redondo Beach home was owned by the electric company, Southern California Edison, and located next to a substation.  The home was used to house the employees of the electric company.  When Wilson moved in to the home, she was not informed of the stray electrical currents. Close neighbors had encounters with the electric surges as well.  They heard crackling

Christopher Bacca, 26, was awarded with “teacher of the year” at Windy Hill Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012.  However, he was fired after being accused of sexually abusing a student. School board member Tommy Hazouri stated, “What we’ve seen as a result of it is that while he was a good teacher, he certainly had a dark side to him… What happened was a parade of horribles that shouldn’t happen to any child.” Bacca was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a minor as well as indecent and lecherous behavior. If you or someone you know has been

Clarence Cepheus Taylor, a 37-year-old man working as an evening shift dorm aide, has been found guilty of wrongfully touching three adolescent female students at the Maryland School for the Deaf. These incidents occurred multiple times between 2008 and 2010.  The three girls ranged from ages ten to thirteen.  One girl finally told a teacher about her sexual abuse after realizing she wasn’t the only victim. When one girl was twelve and thirteen, Taylor would embrace her and allow his hand to inappropriately touch her. Another girl stated that when she was ten and twelve, she was victimized by Taylor

In January of 2008, Joyce Jacobs was standing at an intersection waiting to cross the street, when an out-of-service city bus made a left-hand turn running her over and killing her. After the bus driver saw that he ran over Jacobs, he called the city’s Regional Transit instead of calling the police. John Jacobs, Joyce’s husband, filed a wrongful death claim against the city asking for $9 million. Sacramento Regional Transit argued that Jacobs was in the middle of the street when the bus struck her, but the jury believed that she was in the lines of a crosswalk. The

12 veterans of the Oregon Army National Guard filed a lawsuit against KBR, the largest non-unionized construction company in the U.S., for exposing them to a toxin called hexavalent chromium during the Restore Iraqi Oil mission in 1993. U.S. and British soldiers were hired to guard a water treatment plant that was covered with the toxic chemical. Workers who breathe in the toxic chemical have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. One of the veterans is now confined to a wheelchair, and must breathe using an oxygen tank. The chemical can also cause damage to the eyes and skin

In 2009, Major League Soccer player Bryan Namoff was injured after colliding with an opponent during a game. Namoff’s coach and team cleared him to continue playing in the current game, and cleared him to play in upcoming games. As he continued playing, he suffered from headaches, sleeplessness and fatigue and had to retire in 2010. Namoff filed a personal injury lawsuit against his former team and coach for $12 million for failing to diagnose and treat him for a career-ending concussion. After the game, Namoff complained of vision problems, but no one on the team paid attention to his

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