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Christopher Bacca, 26, was awarded with “teacher of the year” at Windy Hill Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012.  However, he was fired after being accused of sexually abusing a student. School board member Tommy Hazouri stated, “What we’ve seen as a result of it is that while he was a good teacher, he certainly had a dark side to him… What happened was a parade of horribles that shouldn’t happen to any child.” Bacca was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a minor as well as indecent and lecherous behavior. If you or someone you know has been

In early February, California attorney, Lois Carrillo announced that he had filed a claim against the Los Angeles Unified School District on behalf of two girls and one boy that were victims of sexual assault at Miramonte Elementary School in downtown Los Angeles.

When female teachers engage in sexual relations with their students, it is much less likely that the student will report the affair than if the genders of the student and teacher were reversed. This may be consequence of societal influences; the boys may think they will seem week if they have been victimized.

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