Car Accident Lawsuits & Settlements, December 2015

Each year, more than 2 million Americans are involved in car accidents that result in death or serious injury. Here’s a look at a few recent personal injury lawsuits and settlements related to car accidents. Lawsuit Filed Over “Ponderosa Jump” Deaths A lawsuit has been filed over the deaths of two teenagers from Spokane Valley, Washington who were killed in an auto accident. Both 15-year-olds were riding in the car of another teen who was driving over “the Ponderosa Jump,” a dip in the road which locals used to “catch air.” The car left the roadway and hit a tree,

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly, died last August after battling with drug and alcohol addiction. Kelly is most prominently known for her role of Laurie Foreman in the successful TV series, That ‘70s Show.  Kelly’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Pax House LLC, the rehabilitation center where she was residing at the time of her death. The lawsuit was filed on June 9 on behalf of the Estate of Lisa Robin Kelly. The claims include ‘negligence resulting in wrongful death’. After an accidental overdose of unidentified drugs, Kelly reportedly died. Her husband supports the case, and believes the

A former principal is being sued after allegedly beating a five-year-old elementary school pupil with a paddle, leaving him badly bruised and terrified to return to classes. Elizabeth Boyd, ex-principal of the Sunbright Elementary School in Tennessee, is being sued for $1.7million by parents Sandra Hall and Jason Williams over the treatment of their son Lukas last year. The couple said that although they had given verbal permission for their son to be gently swatted if he misbehaved, they claim Dr Boyd hit the boy eight times with a paddle because he had thrown some crayons. If your child has

A woman is suing police officers after she fell out of a moving patrol car while handcuffed, shattering her jaw and suffering brain bleeding, it was revealed today. Kim Nguyen, 28, filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department claiming that she was ejected from a moving patrol car. Nguyen was arrested for public intoxication outside a Koreatown restaurant in Los Angeles in March and handcuffed. Nguyen says that she shattered her jaw and had brain bleeding. She has had three surgeries on her jaw and lost several teeth. Police patrol cars are fitted with special locks that prevent

How much is my injury worth?

In today’s media world consumers are often misinformed. I regularly speak with negligence victims who have preconceived notions about what their case is worth. Everyone knows about the Macdonald’s coffee case. Everyone has a friend who got X amount of money for X injury. Unfortunately, neither the Macdonald’s case or the friend’s case can give much insight to the value of the victim’s case. There are many factors that play into what a person’s injury is worth. Ultimately, a case will settle for the amount the two parties agree on. Most all cases will settle prior to a trial. Many

There is a saying in my profession…a good lawyer never loses a slip and fall case because a good lawyer never takes a slip and fall case. While that can represent reality in a lot of slip and fall cases, there is always the exception. A grocery store or other business is responsible to make sure that their property is safe for their business invitees. When the grocery store knows or should have known there was a dangerous condition in their store and someone is injured due to that dangerous condition, they may be liable for the person’s injuries and

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