Diabetic Woman Denied Insulin in Jail Dies Two Days Later

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The family of Deborah Braillard has been fighting in court for seven years over her death in a Maricopa County Jail. Braillard’s family filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other city official for gross medical negligence. According to the lawsuit, Braillard was denied insulin for more than two days. When she was finally taken to a hospital, she died.

A jury has been deliberating a proper settlement, but they haven’t reached an agreement yet. In addition to the disagreement, protestors from Citizens for a Better Arizona have disrupted the settlement according to a jury supervisor. The family has spent $2 million on the trial already, but the trial will resume shortly. There’s no telling what the jury will award the family for Deborah Braillard’s death.

The fact that a person is in jail, doesn’t mean they lose their rights to proper medical attention. If the staff at Maricopa County Jail had given Braillard her insulin upon request, she would still be alive today. There is no doubt that the Maricopa County Jail staff acted negligently and caused the death of 46-year-old diabetic Deborah Braillard.

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