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As a parent, you should never have to worry about your child’s safety when you drop them off at school in the morning. You should have the right to assume that the people hired to teach your children will always have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of teachers working in the United States that use their authority to prey on vulnerable students. Alarmingly, in a 2004 survey, it was reported that 10% of US public school students have felt sexually targeted by a school employee. Sexual assault, abuse, and sexual harassment claims against teachers is said to be 100 times greater than those against Catholic priests, according to several sources.

Sexual Abuse in Arizona Day Cares

Hearing stories of sexual abuse in day cares can be upsetting to anyone, but most especially to parents with young children. As a parent, when you enroll a child in a day care facility, you should feel comforted and assured that your child will be kept free from physical and emotional harm. It’s a travesty when a day care fails to uphold their promise to keep your child safe.

Inappropriate Touching Between Children at School

While it may not be unheard of for children to touch each other inappropriately without bad intentions, it’s when things go too far that parents should rightfully be concerned. On a parenting web forum on, a mother posted her concern after her child was involved in an inappropriate touching incident while at daycare.

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